How to Hit Your Goals by Doing Less

It's my birthday, YAY! While hitting a certain point that makes you in your MID-TWENTIES can be daunting for some, I was actually excited to hit this milestone. Guys, I CAN RENT A CAR NOW. ON MY OWN. WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY AN EXORBITANT FEE. I've already started begging my (way past mid-twenties) husband to… Continue reading How to Hit Your Goals by Doing Less


Do You Need A Payroll?

You started your business, you did better than you were expecting and you're now swamped with work. The chances are, you've hired or have thought about hiring someone to help you with the heavy workload you have. When you start to think about employees, it can feel overwhelming. Even if you've been running your business… Continue reading Do You Need A Payroll?